In early March 2020, COVID-19 compelled us to stop rehearsals in order to protect the health of our members. To keep the music alive, our Music Director (Saman Shahi) set us a challenge - to make audio (and video!) recordings at home that he would compile so we could play together virtually!  The result of these efforts has been posted to the band's YouTube channel and to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We had a lot of fun with this project, and learned some new technologies while we were at it!

Little Romance is a short study by R. Schumann, and was arranged for concert band by Saman Shahi.

As Christmas approaches, COVID-19 is still very much with us.  To help us all get into the spirit of the season, despite the pandemic, Sam set us a second challenge - to make video recordings at home of a Christmas medley to kick-start the holiday season.  Many thanks to Sam for creating this arrangement and for compiling all of our efforts into one delightful video.

Christmas Medley is an arrangement by Saman Shahi of three holiday classics.


April 2019

We are proud to present a sample of our music for your enjoyment!  In addition to the audio recordings below, we have made video recordings of three of our favourite tunes.  These video recordings were made in April 2019 at Market Hall under the baton of Peter Sudbury:

It Had Better Be Tonight

Maynard Madness


Entry Of The Gladiators

Selections from Les Miserables




Bugler's Holiday

Three Folk Miniatures

Joseph & The Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat

Clarinet Escapade

March of the Mine-Sweepers

Gabriel's Oboe


Fanfare and Prelude on
"Lobe Den Herren"

Sons of the Brave